This IS The Rock Hard For Life Accelerator…

Access The Knowledge, Skills, Strategies, And Tactics Too Maximum Rigidity And Stamina So You Can Rock Up And Stay Solid Whenever The Occasion Calls For It… 

Discover The Secrets To Achieving Vein Popping Rigidity And Endurance At Any Age…

Master Your Manhood For Complete Control Over Your Beastliness Above And Below The Belt…

Deepen Your Connection, Passion, And Intimacy With Your Partner Again In Ways You Never Thought Possible…

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With our new independent platform you can enjoy uncensored lessons that  we have never been able to share before away from the prying eyes of social media

Dominate The 6 Core Alpha Inhibitors At The Source Of Every Man’s Performance Issues…

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New Never Before Shared Teachings Away From The Prying Eyes Of Social Media

Have Real Uncensored Conversations And Feedback From Coaches And Other Members Dominating Their Path On The Road To Peak Performance, Beast Like Rigidity And Endurance

Boost The Biochemicals That Make You A Beast Naturally

Amplify Your T Levels 

As well as all of the other biochemicals that allow you to rock up hard whenever the occasion calls for it

Lower the hormones and biochemicals that are silently killing your manhood

Master All 3 Aspects Of Blood Flow “BFAI”

1. Get Blood Flow To Your Manhood

2. Into Your Manhood

3. And Staying In Your Manhood

Our Systems Are The Only Resources In The World That Address All 3


Reclaim Your Morning Wood “MWAI”  

Restore Your  First Line Of Defense Against Losing Size Below The Belt

Wake Up So Hard You Have To Push It Down To Releve Yourself in The Morning

Turn Off Your Manhood’s Check Engine Light And Show Up With Powerful Rock Solid Performance And Stamina When You Need It Most


Destroy Performance Anxiety “PAAI” Holding You Back

This Alpha Inhibitor Can Kill Your Manhood Even If You Are Completely Healthy And Your Man Downstairs Is At Peak Performance

We’ll show you how to master your mind so you show up like a rockstar every time and never let your nerves or fear get between you and your partner again


Restore Your Dopamine Receptors Naturally “PIAI”

Let me show you exactly how to restore your dopamine receptors so you can get aroused again before all of the adult film watching

So you can get full solid soldier standing at attention when you walk into and intimate situation with your partner again


Overcome Disease And Trauma “DTAI”

Don’t let Trauma, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Injuries, Or Prostate Issues Hold You Back From Elite Performance

Our proprietary systems will help you overcome even the most severe issues by addressing each essential piece of the ecosystem that makes you strong again

The Main Key Is Conquering Your Ecosystem Instead Of Treating Symptoms In Isolation

Stop Treating Isolated Symptoms That Kill Your Manhood

Start Getting At The Source By Addressing The Ecosystem

Get Solid. Last Longer. Recover Faster.


Step 1:

Join The Beasts Inside The Accelerator

Step 2

Attain The Knowledge For Yourself To Reclaim Your Inner And Outer Power

Step 3

Install The Simple And Enjoyable Lifestyle Changes That Will Transform How You Show Up In The Bedroom Forever

Are You Ready To
Level Up Your Love Life?

Option One

Shame And Disappointment

Type 2 Diabetes 

Neglected And Frustrated Wife 

Cardiovascular Disease

Depression & Anxiety

Expire With Unfulfilled Potential

Option Two

Simple Step By Step Video Lessons

Destroy All 6 Alpha Inhibitors

Access To The Coaches You Need

Join A Group Of Elite Beasts

Private App Away From Social Media

Price-Locked Forever


We’ve built an ever-accessible portal to fully rebuild your performance both inside and outside the bedroom. Our application is available on every computer, phone or tablet so you can access these life changing tools no-matter where you are located or what your financial situation is right now.
Inside you will be surrounded by other beasts that have been where you are now and have achieved your highest goals for your love life. You will also be among other men in similar situations and backgrounds that are on the path to success and elite performance and vitality.
Our community and mentorship will help equip you with all of the resources you need  to achieve the skills and physical wellbeing to give your partner mind bending intimacy and connection she cant find anywhere else so you can be a man that goes up in value over time instead of down as you get older

What Our Students Have To Say…

Why Drs. Come To Us For Help With Their Personal Situation

  • Complete Control Over Lasting Power
  • Quality Of Rigidity And Hardness Obtained
  • Stepping Into Your Full Masculine Power

Happy Wife Happy Life… Connection

  • Rock Solid Intimacy And Connection With Your Partner
  • Pound / Power Through Even The Most Intense Levels Of Intimacy.
  • Be Passionate With Your Partner Again

Maximum Rigidity At Any Age 

  • Achieve Hulk Like Vein Popping Rigidity
  • Pound Through Even The Most Intense Levels Of Intimacy.
  • Be Passionate With Your Partner Again

Shorter Refractory Periods 

  • Recover Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.
  • Pound Through Even The Most Intense Levels Of Intimacy.
  • Be Passionate With Your Partner Over And Over Again And Again.

Last As Long As You Want

  • Endure Even The Most Intense Levels Of Intimacy
  • With Complete Control Over Your Functions As A Man
  • Give Yourself And Your Partner The Sheet Shaking Intimacy That Keeps On Giving

Unshakable Confidence

  • Rock Solid Intimacy And Connection With Your Partner
  • Pound Through Even The Most Intense Levels Of Intimacy.
  • Be Passionate With Your Partner Again

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes. Our holistic system addresses all of the areas of the body that allow you to get rock solid hardness and lasting power at any age at the source instead of treating symptoms in isolation. This is why our approach delivers massive improvements over time instead of making your situation worse by damaging essential systems in the body and mind that silently strip you of your ability to perform as a man.

Yes. Because we are addressing all of these issues that effect a mans ability to perform at the source you will not only see massive improvements in the quality of your rigidity and stamina…

But you will also be able to start to see that these issues are no longer issues for you anymore over time. Because you are healing the very systems that allow you to be healthy, vibrant, and vital at any age. Instead of treating systems in isolation with treatments that are simultaneously causing damage to the very systems your manhood depends on to work in the first place.

The key here is the more damage you have done to these systems the longer they take to heal. Just like if you get a paper cut vs getting a broken leg. One is going to take longer to heal than the other.

Just like a gym membership you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts or obligations. 

But just like a gym membership if you cancel, you wont be able to workout, and your muscles will start to atrophy and shrink over time… 

Therefore you can start to decline in the opposite direction without the support and equipment at the gym.

This is like a gym for your manhood and  so you want to make sure you have all of the most cutting edge tools and resources to stay Rock Hard For Life at your fingertips. Because after you experience this for yourself you will not want to miss any of the new breakthroughs, new research, and new techniques inside on your way to mastery.

So you can achieve a black belt in the bedroom alongside your fellow tribe members.

(When you sign up today you will be price locked at the $47 per month price point until you cancel and when you decide to rejoin later you will be able to reenroll at whatever the new increased pricing is at that time.)

Yes, we have helped thousands of men around the world achieve elite male performance at any age, even men well over 70. 

The key to getting the results you want is setting aside 30 minutes a day to improve this area of your life and taking action inside the program. 

Its never to late to start healing yourself and reclaim the vitality of your prime so you can start running circles around men in their 30’s just like many of our 70 year old + students and clients

Yes, we have helped thousands of men around the world heal themselves even when the top urologists in the country told them they would never be able to perform again after these treatments stopped working for them.

If they can do it over and over again you can too.

Again you will just have to set aside 30 minutes a day to improve this area of your life and take the simple step by step actions inside of the program to start seeing massive improvements each and every month until your are in the best shape of your life in that department.

There are only 2 types of men we cannot help inside of our system

1. We cannot help men who have had a permanent penile implant surgery because of the permanent damage this surgery does to the blood chambers in the member.  Therefore there is nothing that can be done for the lost size or the head of the member staying permanently flacid.

2. We cannot help men who do not take action or can’t follow simple step by step instructions in order. Because “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”

What You Get With The Rock Hard For Life Accelerator:

  • Everything You Need To Reset Your Male Performance To Get Hard And Stay Solid For As Long As You Want Naturally At Any Age.
  • Step By Step Simple Value Packed Video Modules That Take You By The Hand And Walk You Through Each Step You Need To Reclaim Your Manhood And Become A Vein Popping Beast In The Bedroom And Conquer All 6 Core Alpha Inhibitors.
  • One Of The Biggest Things Is Accountability So We Have Built In Reminders To Keep You On Track Taking The Steps You Need To Crush Your Goals Every Single Day.
  • You’ll Be Able To Get Answers To Your Questions From A Coach Inside Of Our New Private Community Away From The Prying Eyes Of Facebook And Social Media.
  • You’re Going To Get Weekly Q&A Calls and Workshops So You Can Keep Leveling Up Your Hardness, Endurance, Intimacy, T Levels, Confidence, And Male Performance.
  • You’ll Get Access to Our Entire Vault Of Workshops So You Can Go Back And Watch The Replay Again Or At Your Convenience If You Missed One You Really Wanted To See.
  • You’re Going To Get New Content, New Research, And New Breakthrough Discoveries From The Front Lines Of Rock Hard For Life Research Every Single Week So You’re Always Up To Date.
  • That Means Early Access To Powerful Customized Proprietary Herb Blends And Lab Grade Supplements Based On Your Personal Situation And Your Personal Goals…
  • With Ongoing Updates As We Unlock Even More Powerful Strategies And Techniques To Restore Your Manhood In Record Time And Keep You At Peak Performance At Any Age…
  • And the best part is that you can go at your own pace so you can keep making progress and you don’t get overwhelmed and you never get stuck.