BFAI – The Blood Flow Alpha Inhibitor

The BFAI or Blood Flow Alpha inhibitor is one of the most important and insidious Alpha inhibitors to understand. 

Because this is where most guys focus, thinking if they just solve this one thing,  blood flow, it’s going to fix their erections. 

This is an easy mistake to make because blood flow is necessary for erections, however, it is not sufficient in an of itself to produce erections. 

There is a whole ecosystem behind your manhood that needs to be addressed, not just blood flow.

Now if you are not familiar with what modern day alpha inhibitors are, they are factors in our modern world that suppress and destroy our manhood.   Making it very difficult if not impossible to feel and function like a man. 

BFAI, the blood flow alpha inhibitor is only one of six modern day alpha inhibitors.  The other 5 modern day alpha inhibitors include:

EBAI – The Erection Biochemicals Alpha Inhibitor

MWAI – The Morning Wood Alpha Inhibitor

PAAI – The Performance Anxiety Alpha Inhibitor

PIAI – The Porn Induced Alpha Inhibitor

DTAI – The Disease and Trauma Alpha Inhibitor

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However, what most guys end up doing is just focusing on improving blood flow in their penis which might give them some temporary improvement, but for many men this improvement then seems to just disappear for no reason.

The reason this happens is because they’re not addressing the erection ecosystem as a whole so another unexpected modern day alpha inhibitor popped up and tanked their erections. 

Sometimes it’s just another aspect of blood flow that pops up, because blood flow itself is an ecosystem. 

That’s right, erection blood flow itself is an ecosystem because erections are dependent on 3 entirely different aspects of blood flow to get and maintain stage 4 rock hardness.  These three aspects of erection blood flow include:

  1. Getting blood flow TO the penis.
  2. Getting blood flow IN the penis.
  3. Making sure the blood STAYS IN the penis (preventing venous leakage)

ED drugs, like Viagra and Cialis, work by forcing blood flow to increase throughout the entire body, not just in the penis. 

The problem with this is it doesn’t get at the SOURCE of what is causing the decreased blood flow in the first place and only addresses the SYMPTOMS. 

So the erectile dysfunction drugs are trying to force an erection even when the foundation of the erection ecosystem is not strong enough to produce natural erections.

This is why so many guys get frustrated when they take an erectile dysfunction drug;  it either doesn’t work, produces horrible side effects, or stops working over time because the body habituates to it and none of the other Alpha inhibitors are even addressed. 

For instance, EBAI (The Erection Biochemicals Alpha inhibitor) or PAAI (The Performance Anxiety Alpha inhibitor) are not addressed with ED Drugs or TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

And furthermore, the ED drugs themselves can harm both the cardiovascular system leading to both heart attacks and strokes. 

Making it very difficult to have any sort of sex afterwards as a heart attack will greatly decrease your stamina, and many times a stroke will leave you with only half your body working. 

I’ve worked with these clients before and it’s very challenging because it’s extremely difficult to have sex with only half of your body working.

In addition, the ED drugs tear up the lining of your gut, which causes inflammation to leak into your bloodstream, which then greatly decreases your testosterone levels.  In other words, affecting the Erection Biochemicals Alpha inhibitor.

You can see now how all of these alpha inhibitors are connected through the erection ecosystem. 

And when you’re only focused on one aspect of the ecosystem, in this case blood flow, then if you do get results they tend to only be temporary which is very frustrating for a lot of men. 

Instead we need to make sure the foundation of the erection ecosystem is being addressed through all the impact points on the Impact Point Matrix to where the ecosystem is working at least good enough to provide a solid foundation for natural rock hard erections.

But let’s stay on  blood  flow for a moment, as most men are only focused on increasing blood flow in the penis.

You can see this with various jelqing techniques as well as acoustic wave therapy, like Gaines-wave treatment or The Phoenix. 

These are  good techniques and technologies in terms of helping increase blood flow in the penis, but if blood flow never gets to the penis in the first place or is restricted in getting to the penis, then it doesn’t matter how much blood flow can get into the penis if it can’t get a readily available supply of good blood flow. 

And this is why it’s so important that we also focus on the other two aspects of blood flow, which is getting blood flow TO the penis and getting blood flow to STAY IN the penis.

Now let’s talk about getting blood flow TO the penis. 

There are a multitude of things that can limit blood flow getting to the penis, such as injuries and diseases.

But let’s focus on the two most common which is atherosclerosis or plaque in the arteries, as well as fascial restrictions, which greatly limits the amount of blood that gets to the pelvis in the first place. 

If you’re unfamiliar with fascia, it is a connective tissue that runs through our entire body. It covers every structure in the body:  every muscle, every nerve, every blood vessel, every bone, every organ is covered with this connective tissue called fascia. 

Where we get into trouble is when this fascia gets compromised and starts to stick to itself and creates restrictions in the body that  greatly decrease blood flow.

Imagine for a moment that you have a link of sausage that we are going to compare to fascia and muscle. 

The muscle would be the meat portion of the sausage and the casing of the sausage is the fascia. 

It’s very difficult to get the muscle to relax if the fascia (sausage casing) is tight. 

Now imagine there’s a straw going through that piece of sausage. If that casing on the sausage is extremely tight, it’s going to squish both the meat (muscle) as well as the straw (blood vessel) making it very difficult for any fluid (blood) to get through.

Like putting a crimp in a garden hose, it slows the rate of fluid that can flow through.

However, if we loosen up the sausage casing (the fascia) then we don’t even necessarily need to address the muscle. 

The whole structure loosens up when the fascia (sausage casing) relaxes, the muscle relaxes and the straw (blood vessels) opens up because it’s no longer being squeezed. 

I see fascial restrictions quite a bit.  And as a physical therapist with over 25 years of experience,  I’ve developed some very special and proprietary techniques to help release this fascia, particularly in the deep tissues of your abdomen and pelvis.

This is where most of this blood flow that needs to get to your penis gets restricted.  This is particularly noticeable in men who have a difficult time maintaining an erection in certain positions.  Also known as “position dependent erectile dysfunction”.

For instance, they’re fine in missionary position but as soon as they turn over on their back for cow girl position, they lose their erection. 

Many times this is due to fascial restrictions particularly in the deep abdomen and pelvis. Also some men easily maintain a rock hard erection when they’re laying on their side, but soon as they stand up, they lose that erection. 

Once again, this is a strong sign that there are probably fascial restrictions limiting the amount of blood flow that can get to the pelvis and thus feed the penis.

You can see that even just blood flow, not even considering all the other factors that play into our erections (such as erection biochemicals, arousal, relaxation, etc.) is extremely complicated just in and of itself. 

So if you only focus on blood flow in the penis, you’re not even addressing the entire blood flow problem, much less the rest of the ecosystem. 

Because as many men will tell you, and you might have experienced this yourself, that just popping a Viagra or Cialis is not necessarily going to give you an erection. 

If you’re not turned on or you’re not sufficiently relaxed, or you’re worried about your sexual performance, then good luck on getting an erection even with those very powerful ED drugs.

And not only will they sometimes not give an erection, but now your body has to deal with the negative health consequences of those ED drugs that you put in your body. 

Instead of chasing magic pills, which don’t exist, it makes much more sense to get to the source of the problem, rather than just the symptoms, and address the foundation of the erection ecosystem.

It’s like going to the gym.  When working on all these different body parts you may not notice as quick of results in the gym if you’re not taking steroids, but on the plus side you’re not destroying your health by taking steroids and you’re building a solid natural foundation that if you stick with it  will last for a lifetime. 

After you go to the gym for six months and have built up a good amount of muscle, then even if you didn’t go in the gym for a couple of weeks, you probably wouldn’t even notice it because the foundation is so strong.

That’s the same sort of results that you can get when you build the foundation of your erection ecosystem by addressing the leverage points inside of the Impact Point Matrix. 

For instance, I had a client who completely turned around his erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in four months of solid consistent work. 

He then decided he wanted to get a hair transplant. 

When he did that, the doctor said you have to go off all your supplements and we’re going to give you two medications both of which are going to make it very difficult to perform sexually .

One of these medications slows down your rate of blood flow and the other drug decreases testosterone.

So my client had the surgery and then a woman called him up wanted to come over.  He told her that she could hang out but they weren’t going to have sex because he felt like crap and was on two medications that killed his erections.

Well she came over and one thing led to another and bam… he got a long lasting rock hard erection and they had an amazing sexual experience.

That is what is possible when you build the foundation of your erection ecosystem. With a strong foundation in your erection ecosystem, then even when things are working against you, you can still perform like a rock star.

In contrast, most guys are trying to do everything they can to compensate for the fact that the foundation of their erection ecosystem is so weak by taking erectile dysfunction drugs or blue chewable candies.  As well as injecting their penis with trimix. 

Instead of falling into that trap, focus on the entire erection ecosystem, which we talk about and work exclusively with inside of our community. We also have a full free training on the erection ecosystem that you can watch here.

Because if you’re not getting full on stage four Rock Hard erections, then your body starts to lose the ability to get them and you start to experience penile atrophy, which means you lose penis size.

I recently had a man reach out to me, who had a penile implant surgery six years ago and has lost three inches off of his penis size. Because his penis never fills with blood anymore. It’s the age old use it or lose it principle.

There’s no way around this if you want to have natural, holistic rock hard erections and last as long as you want the bedroom, the way God always intended it. 

You have to get at the source by addressing the entire erection ecosystem, not just trying to treat your symptoms with artificial medications that damage the very same erection ecosystem that gives you those NATURAL holistic rock hard erections in the first place… which is our birthright as men.

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