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PAAI – The Performance Anxiety Alpha Inhibitor

PAAI (or the Performance Anxiety Alpha inhibitor) is the most insidious of all of the Modern Day Alpha inhibitors.

That’s because everything can be working perfectly within your erection ecosystem and you can still have an erection failure due to simple performance anxiety. It’s that powerful. 

The Performance Anxiety Alpha Inhibitor can be a result of emotional and psychological trauma, but most of the time it is born out of an experience of erection failures. 

It effects your erection biochemicals (EBAI) and blood flow (BFAI).  For example releasing cortisol which is an erection killing biochemical that activates the sympathetic fight or flight nervous system and prevents your body from producing an erection at all because your brain is prepared to protect you from an emotional or physical trauma. 

Now if you are not familiar with what modern day alpha inhibitors are, they are factors in our modern world that suppress and destroy our manhood.   Making it very difficult if not impossible to feel and function like a man. 

PAAI, the Performance Anxiety Alpha Inhibitor is only one of six modern day alpha inhibitors.  The other 5 modern day alpha inhibitors include:

EBAI – The Erection Biochemicals Alpha Inhibitors

MWAI – The Morning Wood Alpha Inhibitor

BFAI – The Blood Flow Alpha Inhibitor

PIAI – The Porn Induced Alpha Inhibitor

DTAI – The Disease and Trauma Alpha Inhibitor

You see, as we talked about with Morning Wood (MWAI), your sexual erections are dependent on many different variables and biochemicals. One of the most important of these variables is relaxation.

Your body is either in a state of fight or flight or in a state of rest and reproduce. When you are worried that you won’t be able to get or maintain a rock hard erection, your body moves into fight or flight mode. 

When you’re in fight or flight mode your body secretes two primary erection killing biochemicals: Cortisol and Norepinephrine. These biochemicals inhibit stage four rock hard erections because the body thinks you’re in danger and wants to make sure you stay alive so that you can reproduce later.

Your body knows that now is not the time for sex because it thinks you are in danger. So it basically attempts to shut off your erection against your will.

Even though the danger is only in your head, because you are worried that you won’t be able to perform sexually, your body doesn’t know this. It thinks a tiger is about to eat you.

It takes the blood flow that would be going to your penis for a good quality erection and moves that blood flow to your arms and legs so that you can either fight or run to get the hell out of danger. 

When you’re in fight or flight mode then you are experiencing things through your sympathetic nervous system. Where the erection killing biochemicals are secreted.

In fact, when we talked about morning wood I mentioned how you should be getting morning wood  throughout the entire night not just in the morning, that’s why it’s called nocturnal penile tumescence.

We go through various cycles as we sleep. One stage of the sleep cycle is called REM or rapid eye movement.  During REM is when we dream, it is also when morning what occurs.

There are two reasons Morning Wood is produced during the REM cycle. 

One of which is that testosterone production increases during REM. 

But the second reason is even more important because during REM the body suppresses the production of norepinephrine which is one of the erection killing bio chemicals that your body secretes when in fight or flight mode. 

When you are stressed, fearful, or anxious, you go into fight or flight mode and your body secretes this erection killing biochemical called norepinephrine. 

So we can see why when you are stressed or anxious that it’s going to be very difficult for you to either get or maintain a stage four erection.  But it’s even worse than just this. 

Norepinephrine is what your body secretes right before you ejaculate. So if your body is already flooded with norepinephrine, you’re going to ejaculate much quicker than you would otherwise essentially giving you premature ejaculation.

I mean if the body thinks you are in danger, but you are already in the middle of having sex, then the body wants you to ejaculate very quickly so you can potentially reproduce and then get the hell out of there and away from danger. 

So being anxious that you might lose your erection puts you into fight or flight mode, which secretes norepinephrine, which then means that you’ll very likely either lose your rock hard erection or ejaculate much sooner than you or your partner wants you to.

Performance anxiety can come from a lot of different sources. And a lot of the times it initially comes from one of the other five core Alpha inhibitors first, like a lack of Morning Wood (MWAI), dopamine insensitivity (PIAI) or blood flow issues (BFAI).

These are primarily physical causes of erection failures that usually scare the hell out of us the first time it happens.  It makes us worried that our erections might fail the next time we have sex, which causes anxiety and puts us into fight or flight mode.

So the next time you have sex, it is way more likely that you’ll have an erection failure because of this anxiety, putting you into fight or flight mode, which then causes a psychological and emotional issue on top of the physical one you may already be experiencing. 

Now another thing to keep in mind is that a large part of your erections are controlled by your subconscious mind.

So some of the psychological issues can be buried very deep from either childhood or traumatic sexual experiences you’ve been through. 

Sexual guilt, sexual shame, sexual trauma, fear of inadequacy, unworthiness, and poor self-esteem can all result in performance anxiety, which leads to your subconscious sabotaging your erections in a misguided attempt to protect you from further emotional and psychological pain.

This is why we address these deep psychological and emotional sources that kill your erections. extensively in our community.

Because everything else can be working great, your morning work can be strong, your dopamine system can be healthy, and your blood flow can be fantastic, but your erections can still be weak and non existent because of the subconscious performance anxiety issues sabotaging them.

The insidious thing is, once you experience performance anxiety, then you are way more likely to experience it again the next time you have sex, and the next time after that, and so on.  It’s a vicious cycle that can lead to long term erectile dysfunction.

This leaves you in a situation where you potentially can’t get rock hard no matter what you do. And the longer you let this go and continue to let performance anxiety sabotage erections in the bedroom, the more and more difficult it becomes for you to ever get those stage four rock hard erections back. 

Now the beautiful thing is when you start addressing the PAAI Core Alpha inhibitor, not only does it make your erections much harder and last longer, but it helps you last longer in bed before you ejaculate.

Because remember norepinephrine not only kills erections, it causes you too ejaculate much quicker as well.  When you address this Core Alpha inhibitor, you also get the awesome side benefit of learning to last as long as you want. You essentially learn to obliterate premature ejaculation. 

The PAAI modern day alpha inhibitor is like an override switch in your erection ecosystem that will take over your blood flow, erection biochemicals, and mimic many of the symptoms of physical ED, also known as organic erectile dysfunction. 

And having those humiliating experiences can start a death Loop of performance anxiety especially if they are triggered by a physical issue in the first place. And then are perpetrated even further by the performance anxiety.

Your subconscious mind and your body are working together to basically protect you from another humiliating experience or trauma by shutting down your ability to perform in the bedroom. 

Also feelings of unworthiness, depression, and poor self esteem flood the body with erection killing biochemicals.  These psychological issues are deeply rooted in your subconscious and once again the subconscious is what controls erections, not your conscious conscious mind.

You cannot will yourself an erection, you have to work with the subconscious to restore your birthright.

Performance anxiety is so powerful that it can actually mimic venous leakage.

I have talked to many guys who have thought they had venous leakage only to discover that in fact the core Alpha inhibitor that was affecting them the most was actually PAAI (performance anxiety) not venous leakage at all.

Also the gut microbiome also has a profound effect on our anxiety levels, especially social anxiety. 

Frequent use of antibiotics and gut diseases like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can greatly increase performance anxiety in the bedroom. 

These factors can seem confusing to many but are actually quite easy to understand when you understand the impact points of your erection ecosystem. 

In order to understand this erection ecosystem on a deeper level watch our free training on The Impact Point Matrix to see how all these factors are interconnected and how to turn this all around naturally and holistically at any age.

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