EBAI – The Erection Biochemicals Alpha Inhibitor 

EBAI also known as the Erection Biochemicals Alpha inhibitor is one of the most insidious modern day alpha inhibitors when it comes to erectile dysfunction. 

EBAI refers to both the bio-chemicals that are essential for our erections as well as the bio-chemicals that we need to watch out for that tank our erections. 

This is very important to understand because without the bio-chemicals that produce erections or having  too many of the bio-chemicals that tank erections then we won’t be able to get hard no matter what we do.

Now if you are not familiar with what modern day alpha inhibitors are, they are factors in our modern world that suppress and destroy our manhood.   Making it very difficult if not impossible to feel and function like a man. 

EBAI, the Erection Biochemicals Alpha Inhibitor is only one of six modern day alpha inhibitors.  The other 5 modern day alpha inhibitors include:

BFAI – The Blood Flow Alpha Inhibitor

MWAI – The Morning Wood Alpha Inhibitor

PAAI – The Performance Anxiety Alpha Inhibitor

PIAI – The Porn Induced Alpha Inhibitor

DTAI – The Disease and Trauma Alpha Inhibitor

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Lots of guys end up having erection issues because they are not doing the things necessary in order for their body to produce adequate levels of erection biochemicals.

These erection biochemicals include testosterone, oxytocin, cGMP, and dopamine just to name a few.  Without sufficient levels of these biochemicals, it’s going to be very difficult to get and maintain an erection or avoid premature ejaculation.

Unfortunately, many of these modern-day Alpha inhibitors that we are dealing with like preservatives in our food, EMFs, GMOs, seed oils, and high-speed internet porn wreak havoc on these erection biochemicals. 

And since we are surrounded with these things it becomes a challenge for all modern men to be diligent and make sure that they are addressing their entire erection ecosystem and the impact points that make the difference so that they produce these essential erection biochemicals.

However, unfortunately, the opposite is typically what’s happening and a lot of men are producing erection-killing biochemicals instead. 

For instance, most of these erection biochemicals have an antagonist, which is like its arch nemesis, that works against it.   For instance, testosterone can be lowered by any one of these three erection-killing bio-chemicals:  cortisol, estrogen, and aromatase enzyme.

Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones and when it is thrown out of balance through these erection-killing biochemicals it makes it very difficult for us to even remotely feel or function like a man. 

For instance, when the testosterone to estrogen balance is off in a man because of excess estrogen, then he can start developing female characteristics like gynecomastia, which is just a fancy name for man boobs.

However, estrogen is very important in the male body.  If you don’t have enough of it, then your sex drive will tank . It will make it very difficult to get erections at all, much less rock-hard erections. 

So we certainly need some of it, but not too much of it.  The key word here is balance. These hormones need to be in balance for us to perform rock solid in the bedroom.

One of the scariest things that is happening to men around the world is testosterone levels have been dropping by an average of 1%a year for the past 60 years. 

Many men in their 20s and 30s today have the testosterone levels of a 70 year old man living in the 1970s. 

This reduction in testosterone is a result of all of these modern-day alpha inhibitors attacking us on a daily basis. 

All of these chemicals, genetic modifications, preservatives, EMFs, and high-speed internet porn are wrecking havoc on our top male hormone, testosterone.

The irony is that this global loss of testosterone over these last decades has to do with all of these unnatural factors that mankind has created (chemicals, EMFs, etc) combined with the fact that he has disconnected himself from nature and what the body, mind, and soul need to truly thrive and not just survive.

 So what does what modern man turn too to try and fix this unnatural problem?  Well, ironically unnatural solutions like ED drugs, surgeries, and TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

TRT is when you put an external source of artificial testosterone  into your body through injections, creams, or pellets in order to raise your testosterone levels. 

However, this has many extremely negative side effects. One of which is significantly increasing the size of the prostate and prostate cancer is already one of the leading types of cancer around the world. 

One of the things that leads to prostate cancer is an enlarged prostate and testosterone replacement therapy can significantly increase the size of your prostate.

Then, ironically, after the testosterone replacement therapy has increased the prostate size so much that the doctor then has to tell you that you can no longer take testosterone replacement therapy because it will further increase the size of your prostate.  

Now they can conveniently prescribe you a whole host of other medications to help with the symptoms of your newly enlarged prostate:  such as the need to frequently urinate yet at the same time having a difficult time actually urinating or emptying the bladder.

Another terrible side effect of testosterone replacement therapy is it actually shrinks the size of your testicles making them small and mushy. 

I have a Diamond coaching client who was on testosterone replacement therapy for six years and his testicles got really small and mushy.  So much so that he had a difficult time feeling for them and finding them in his scrotum because they were so mushy.

We’ve been working for months now and he’s made tremendous progress in getting his testicles back. But it has been extremely hard work for him which could have been avoided altogether by simply getting at the source of why the testosterone was low in the first place. Instead of addressing just the symptom by injecting your body with a bunch of artificial testosterone.

Another important aspect of testosterone is it creates something called DHT which is a much more powerful form of testosterone. 

It’s impossible to have a high sex drive without adequate levels of DHT.  The problem is DHT has been linked as a factor in hair loss. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many other factors other than DHT that work together in causing hair loss such as estrogen, nitric oxide, iron, genetics, and epigenetics.  If this wasn’t the case then Minoxidil, which is not a DHT blocker, wouldn’t work if DHT was the entire issue with hair loss.

So a lot of guys are taking DHT blockers in an effort to try and prevent or slow the loss of hair.  Finasteride is one of the most powerful popular hair restoration drugs out there and is a DHT blocker.  And while many men do fine on it, a lot of men have  serious sexual side effects which have collectively been called post finasteride syndrome syndrome.

I’ll give you a great example of this.  I had a client who went on finasteride to help regrow his hair only to find that his sex drive was starting to decrease dramatically as was the quality of his erections.

His morning wood went away all together and he lost all interest in being intimate with his girlfriend. When he finally googled “post finasteride syndrome” and realized that this is what was happening to him he immediately stopped the medication.

To his frustration, over three months went by with no improvement. When we started to work together I dove very deep into his entire erection ecosystem to find out which impact points we needed to address in order to turn this around.

He was extremely determined and took immediate action on what we discussed. To his surprise, he very quickly made progress and within just a few short weeks both the quality of his erections and the desire for his girlfriend returned with a vengeance.

Now he can’t keep his hands off of her and she is loving every minute of it. He is feeling a new sense of vigor and lust for life and she is now feeling extremely desirable and loved where before she was feeling isolated and alone.

So it’s ironic but testosterone replacement therapy ends up damaging the very organs that are essential for you to get natural rock hard erections in the first place.

Like enlarging the prostate and shrinking the testicles. The testicles shrink because your body no longer needs them to make testosterone as a result of artificially putting it in your body.

So your body shuts down the production of testosterone in your testicles and starts to reabsorb your testicles. It’s the age old “use it or lose it” principle. If your body doesn’t need to use your testicles, it’s going to try and reabsorb them, so it doesn’t have to spend any more energy on them.

And that’s why the testicles get small and mushy.

That’s the insane thing about this treatment is that it literally castrates you over time.  It physically damages the very structures you need for your erections and sex drive:  your testicles and prostate.  Making you dependent on the TRT to even remotely feel or function like a man.

Another unnatural treatment that damages your testosterone levels is ED drugs.  Because ED drugs inflame the lining of your gut.  And when your gut gets inflamed, it causes something called leaky gut, which allows bad bacteria, food particles, and viruses to get out of the gut and into your bloodstream. 

Once those factors get into your bloodstream, it causes your immune system to kick in because it sees them as foreign invaders. And once your immune system kicks up, your testosterone levels go down as well as your body’s emphasis on reproduction and sexual functioning.  

Because your body’s first line of defense is keeping you alive.  And when your immune system is activated, it sees your health as being in danger.  So it de-prioritizes reproduction and focuses on fixing the health problem so you can stay alive.

So the irony here once again, is by using an unnatural substance (ED drug) to fix a problem that was caused by unnatural things, it takes away your NATURAL ability to get natural rock hard erections!

Because these drugs damage the very structures of the body that are essential in producing the erection bio-chemicals that your body needs.  Like testosterone, dopamine, oxytocin, and nitric oxide. 

And once those bad bacteria, viruses, and food particles leak out from your gut because of the damage the ED drugs did, it then also inflames your blood vessels which causes damage to them. 

It makes it so that your blood vessels actually produce less nitric oxide because the endothelial cells get damaged.  Once again, making your ability to get natural rock hard erections more and more difficult because these drugs are actually damaging the very structures that give you the natural rock erections in the first place.

Another very powerful erection biochemical is oxytocin.  The production of oxytocin is heavily influenced by the health and diversity of the microbiome in our gut.  

For instance the L Reuteri probiotic has been shown to significantly increase levels of oxytocin in the body. 

However, because of all these modern day alpha inhibitors, most men do not have sufficient levels of L Reuteri in their gut.  Making the production of oxytocin even more difficult and oxytocin is needed for rock hard erections.

ED drugs once again by affecting the gut and inflaming it, damage this microbiome making the production of oxytocin and thus rock hard natural erections so much more difficult.

And the fact that we consume so much processed food that the general population has become much more obese.  And having that body fat greatly increases the amount of estrogen in our bodies as well as aromatase enzyme. 

Which is particularly insidious, because aromatase enzyme takes our precious free testosterone and converts it into estrogen.  Further feminizing us and making it that much more difficult to get erections and have a high sex drive.

Dopamine is another extremely important erection biochemical when you’re in the bedroom. 

But many men have damaged dopamine receptors from watching lots of porn which then it makes it extremely difficult for them to get and maintain erections in the bedroom.

Another aspect that’s important with dopamine is that dopamine also has an antagonist like testosterone does. 

For dopamine, its antagonist is serotonin and serotonin increases greatly when the gut is inflamed.

Like for instance, when you’re taking ED drugs like viagra, sildenafil, cialis, or tadalafil the inflammation that those ED drugs cause can potentially throw dopamine out of balance by increasing serotonin levels. 

Once again since your erections are built upon an ecosystem, this throws everything off and makes it extremely difficult to get and maintain erections.

For a deeper dive into EBAI and your erection ecosystem, click here to watch my full training on the IPM Ecosystem.

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