The Impact Point Matrix (IPM) – The Ecosystem Behind Your Erection Quality And Lasting Power 

When it comes to getting stage 4 rock hard erections and lasting as long as you want in the bedroom, the biggest mistake that I see most men make is… thinking it’s just one thing in isolation that is causing their bedroom performance issues.

However, it’s not really their fault, It’s that “magic pill” mentality that the modern world has bought into, thinking that fundamental problems can be solved with simple pills and isolated solutions.  But when it comes to sexual dysfunction, nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a whole ecosystem behind your manhood that has to be working in harmony in order for your body to produce those 10 out of 10 rock hard erections and have a short refractory period.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the ecosystem has to be working at least good enough to produce those hardest of erections. 

This is why a lot of men take ED drugs such as viagra and cialis, because the foundation of their erection ecosystem is not strong enough so they end up taking some very powerful chemicals to break through the weak foundation and try to force an erection. 

However, not only do these drugs have uncomfortable side effects like reflux, heart burn, and headaches but they stop working over time and end up damaging the very aspects of the erection ecosystem that produce erections NATURALLY.  Making it much more difficult to get spontaneous natural erections over time, because these drugs damage the erection ecosystem.

There are a multitude of Impact Points that we can address that bring the erection ecosystem back into harmony.  These Impact or Leverage Points are mapped out on the Impact Point Matrix and are designed to help us fix the ecosystem of our manhood. 

By focusing on these Leverage Points we can make massive improvements to our sexual performance that last a lifetime by addressing the SOURCE of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and long refractory periods rather than just treating the SYMPTOMS as pharmaceutical drugs do and eventually make your situation worse and worse over time…

The Impact Point Matrix is composed of 4 parts that I will be covering in this article: 


The BodyMind Connection is in the center of the Impact Point Matrix (IPM) and involves the more physical aspects of your erections like your morning wood, spontaneous erections, refractory periods, and sex drive. 

This is one of the most important aspects of IPM and is one of the first areas you want to address.  Because if the physical aspects of your erections are not working correctly then no matter what you do to address the psychological, emotional aspects of your erections, and sexual performance anxiety, it’s not going to work because there are physical issues preventing you from getting and maintaining erections, also known as organic erectile dysfunction.

So in the BodyMind Connection we have several impact points that we can address that make a huge difference to our stage 4 rock hard erections, stamina, and refractory periods.  These include:

  • The GUT which is tied to sexual vitality, testosterone, and morning wood.  
  • The HEART and circulatory system which is tied to freedom and provides all three aspects of blood flow needed for a rock hard erection:  1. Blood flow TO the penis, 2. Blood flow IN the penis, and 3. Blood Flow STAYING IN the penis.
  • The NEUROMUSCULAR system which is tied to Sexual Power and provides the strength and stamina to maintain erections and last as long as you want in the bedroom, eliminating premature ejaculation.
  • The GENITALS which is tied to Pleasure and includes the penis, testicles, as well as the prostate.


These are the keys to rock hard performance in the bedroom and address the mental and emotional aspects of  maintaining the hardness of your manhood when you are with a sexual partner. 

The BodyMind Connection is where we ensure that the body can produce rock hard erections when the mind and emotions are not involved, such as morning wood. 

However, once we step into the bedroom with a partner, now the mind and emotions are involved.  And this can lead many men to experience sexual performance anxiety, also known as psychogenic erectile dysfunction or psychological ED. 

The Sexual Keys get us past any performance anxiety and nervousness so we can truly enjoy the sexual encounter and experience rock hard performance.

The Sexual Keys have 3 major Impact Points that we can address to improve our erection ecosystem inside the bedroom:

  • RELAXATION – Which takes us out of the fight or flight nervous system and puts into the rest and reproduce nervous system making it much more effortless to get and maintaining rock hard erections and last as long as we want.
  • AROUSAL – Which provides the fuel and flame for our desires and rockiness in the bedroom.  It is also the main key to giving our partner multiple and even squirting orgasms.
  • IMMERSION – Which puts us into the flow state and helps us get completely lost in the pleasure of the experience rather than being stuck in our head worried about our sexual performance.


Alpha inhibitors are what block our rock hard rigidity, lasting power, sex drive, and greatly increase our refractory period. 

The Core Alpha Inhibitors are the 6 main categories that all the smaller alpha inhibitors fit into. 

These alpha inhibitors have increased exponentially over the last 30 years or so.  I call these new ones modern-day alpha inhibitors and include things like high-speed internet porn, EMFs, pesticides, preservatives, and prolonged sitting, just to name a few.

The 6 Core Alpha Inhibitors include:

  • BFAI – The Blood Flow Alpha Inhibitor, it involves all the factors that can block or slow blood flow at any of the 3 levels needed for erections like blood vessel plaque, thick blood, and fascial restrictions.
  • MWAI – The Morning Wood Alpha Inhibitor, it involves all the factors that decrease or destroy morning wood such as decreased blood flow and low testosterone.  Morning wood is your manhood’s check engine light because they are strictly a physical erection with no arousing emotions or thoughts needed. If we lose morning wood then we will often develop penile atrophy which means that the penis shrinks in size and strength.
  • EBAI – The Erection Biochemicals Alpha Inhibitor, which blocks the chemicals and hormones that your body needs for strong erections and a high sex drive like testosterone, dopamine, nitric oxide, and oxytocin to name a few.  Without adequate levels of erection biochemical levels and hormonal balance you can’t get hard no matter what you do.
  • PIAI – The Porn Induced Alpha Inhibitor which makes it extremely difficult to get and maintain erections in the bedroom as well as making premature ejaculation much worse.  This is one of the most insidious modern day alpha inhibitors that our grandfather’s never had to deal with and is one of the big reasons why erectile dysfunction is now affecting so many young men in their teens.
  • PAAI – The Performance Anxiety Alpha Inhibitor which is one of the most powerful of all the modern day alpha inhibitors. This is because absolutely everything else in your erection ecosystem can be working perfectly and performance anxiety can still tank your erections.  Not only is this alpha inhibitor greatly affected by your mental and emotional states but also by your gut microbiome.
  • DTAI – The Disease and Trauma Alpha Inhibitor which include both physical and mental diseases, injuries, and trauma.  Like diabetes, heart disease, depression, auto accidents, and sexual shame just to name a few.

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The epigenetic signalers are what tell the body to produce the environment necessary for rock hard erections to occur. Such as the necessary erection biochemicals, blood flow, and emotional states that are conducive to rock solid bedroom performance.

The main epigenetic signalers include:

  • SUN and the EARTH – The Sun not only provides the Vitamin D that we need for testosterone production but it also increases blood flow as well as dopamine receptors in the brain which is extremely helpful when overcoming porn addiction. The Earth floods the body with negative ions which thins the blood and greatly increases blood flow to the penis.
  • REM SLEEP – REM is short for Rapid Eye Movement and it is the stage of sleep in which we dream, it is also when morning wood and most of our testosterone is produced.
  • MOVEMENT – Movement is critical not only for blood flow but also in the production of the biochemicals needed for rock hard erections as well as providing us the stamina we need to last as long as we want in the bedroom.
  • NUTRITION – Nutrition not only provides the building blocks for the erection biochemicals we need but is also an epigenetic signaler. Nutrients attach to cells and tell them to produce important performance enhancing biochemicals.
  • BREATHING & MEDITATION – Relaxation and Immersion are very important when it comes to rock solid performance, especially in the bedroom. These skills strengthen these essential factors.
  • GRATITUDE – A deep feeling of gratitude floods the body with erection boosting biochemicals making it much easier to get and maintain rock solid rigidity and long lasting power.
  • MISSION/PASSION – When a man has a mission and pursue’s his passions, then it’s easier for him to stay out of his head in the bedroom and go for the things he truly wants.

Taken altogether, The Impact Point Matrix (IPM) offers a comprehensive guide to mastering your bedroom performance. By leveraging these critical impact points, you can achieve long-lasting, rock solid rigidity and enjoy extended performance in the bedroom at any age.

For a deeper dive into the Impact Point Matrix and to transform your sexual health, click here to watch my full breakdown of the IPM Ecosystem.

Stay Rock Hard for Life,

~ Zander Holt

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