DTAI – The Disease and Trauma Alpha Inhibitor

DTAI, which stands for the Disease and Trauma Alpha Inhibitor refers to everything that negatively affects our sexual performance resulting from a disease or trauma. 

This can be physical, mental, or emotional. 

It can be an accident where you have physical trauma to the body that is affecting your erection ecosystem.  Such as a car accident, surgery, and even expands into diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, depression, prostate issues, and the list goes on and on. 

And also includes emotional and psychological trauma as well, such as a humiliating or traumatic sexual experience that your body is trying to protect you from in the future. 

Now if you are not familiar with what modern day alpha inhibitors are, they are factors in our modern world that suppress and destroy our manhood.   Making it very difficult if not impossible to feel and function like a man. 

BFAI, the blood flow alpha inhibitor, is only one of six modern day alpha inhibitors.  The other 5 modern day alpha inhibitors include:

EBAI – The Erection Biochemicals Alpha Inhibitor

MWAI – The Morning Wood Alpha Inhibitor

PAAI – The Performance Anxiety Alpha Inhibitor

PIAI – The Porn Induced Alpha Inhibitor

BFAI – The Blood Flow Alpha Inhibitor

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This alpha inhibitor is at the base of the Impact Point Matrix because it almost always bleeds into every aspect of your erection ecosystem and can cause major issues throughout each one of the sectors within the Impact Point Matrix.

For instance, diabetes is one of the most insidious diseases when it comes to tanking rock hard erections.  That’s because diabetes affects us both neurologically and on a vascular level , which means it affects both our blood flow and our penile sensitivity. 

Because diabetes affects the endothelial lining of the blood vessels, which is where nitric oxide is produced. 

So, first of all, diabetes decreases nitric oxide in the body and from the damage it causes in the blood vessels the body responds by forming arterial plaque, also known as atherosclerosis.  This greatly decreases the amount of blood that can get through the veins and arteries including the penile veins and arteries.

Diabetes is particularly insidious because that decreased blood flow causes nerve damage because nerves need blood flow to survive. 

And when the nerves don’t receive adequate blood, the nerves start to wither away.  Greatly decreasing the amount of sensation that you feel, usually starting in the hands and feet, but can definitely progress to a lack of sensitivity in the penis as well. 

That’s why we do many things to address diabetes holistically and naturally in our community, because it’s one of the most insidious diseases when it comes to our erections.

If you have arterial plaque clogging up your blood vessels, from diabetes or heart disease, or you have fascial restrictions that are clamping down on your blood flow in one of all three areas of blood flow that we need or even if you’re taking high blood pressure medication, these can all greatly limit the amount of blood flow that reaches your penis to begin with.

And also greatly limits your hardness and stamina in the bedroom.

Erections are actually built upon blood pressure. 

What happens is you get aroused and blood starts flowing into your penis faster than it flows out.  This causes blood pressure to build up in the penis itself.  When this penile blood  pressure reaches around 400 millimeters of mercury, then it clamps down on the penile veins keeping blood flow in the penis, allowing you to maintain an erection. 

However, if you’re taking blood pressure medication it lowers blood pressure throughout the entire body, including your penis. 

And if an erection requires that you have good blood pressure in your penis, at least at 400 millimeters of mercury, then many times the blood pressure medications will lower the blood pressure in your penis below that. 

Making your penis perform like a deflated tire keeping you from getting or maintaining a solid erection.

Also the blood vessel damage that is done through diabetes and heart disease can create blood clots which are extremely dangerous. 

Because if one of those blood clots breaks free you can not only end up with a heart attack, but also a stroke which kills off part of your brain. Often this will result in only half of your body working, which makes having sex extremely difficult and much less satisfying for both you and your partner.

That’s why it’s very important to get yourself checked out by a doctor whenever you have erectile dysfunction, because it can be a warning sign that you’re developing some of these more serious issues. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to take those ED drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, trimix injections, or penile implant surgery if that is what your doctor recommends.

But you do need to know if you’re having any of these serious issues. So you can address them naturally and holistically.

And there are many more effective and holistic ways that we have discovered to overcome these issues as we address these leverage points inside of the Impact Point Matrix at their source. 

Also related to this is venous leakage where you have leaky valves in your penile veins, so they don’t close as they should.  And this allows blood to leak out causing you to lose your erection.

This is a really insidious one because you have to get it checked out by a doctor to see if you actually have it. Because performance anxiety (the PAAI Alpha inhibitor) and BFAI ( the Blood Flow Alpha Inhibitor) can both mimic venous leakage symptoms, causing men to think that they have venous leakage, when in fact they don’t.  

So they end up focusing on the wrong things and don’t get results.

And then there’s Peyronie’s disease, which is an abnormal curvature in your penis, which is often painful, as well as making erectile dysfunction worse.

One of the main causes of Peyronie’s disease is actually having weak erections where you’re not getting stage four rock hard, so you end up pumping inside of her when it’s only partially hard and this can often cause the penis to bend and actually break.

This breaking of the penis causes scar tissue to form as it heals.  It is this scar tissue that causes this curvature of the penis. 

This is another reason why getting stage four rock erections is so critical. Not only does it feel amazing to both you and your partner when you are stage four rock hard, but that maximum hardness helps prevent you from ever breaking your penis and developing Peyronie’s disease in the first place.

Also, trimix injections, where you inject your penis with a very powerful set of ED drugs in order to force an erection can also cause Peyronie’s disease. 

Because of the scar tissue that forms every time you inject your penis creating more and more scar tissue that builds up over time inside your member.  This restricts blood flow and causes the penis to abnormally bend causing pain and erectile dysfunction.

Another common issue is physical trauma to the body, such as a car accident, or falling and hurting your back can cause nerve, stress ,or blood vessel problems that only further restrict blood flow.

That also can keep you in your fight or flight nervous system making it very difficult to get and maintain erections from these areas of the ecosystem inside of the Impact Point Matrix.

Erections are controlled at two different spinal levels. 

The spinal nerves that come out of T11 to L2 control what’s called psychogenic erections, also known as sexual erections.  These are the type of erections you get when you’re with a sexual partner.  

Reflexogenic erections,  which are strictly physical erections like morning wood, originate at the sacrum (S2-S4) which is much lower down on the spinal cord. 

If there is any damage to the spinal cord or impingement of these nerves, they can most definitely cause issues with both getting and maintaining rock hardness.

Another factor that many people don’t think about is chronic stress. 

Because when you are chronically stressed your body produces a lot of cortisol and cortisol and testosterone are inversely related.  What this means is as your cortisol levels go up (your stress levels) your testosterone levels go down. 

Many men are going on testosterone replacement therapy which damages both their testicles and their prostate, making it very difficult to get natural erections. 

The doctor puts them on TRT because they tested low for testosterone but many times the testosterone is low simply because they’re very stressed and not getting enough sleep.

All of these issues can be solved naturally and holistically by addressing the impact points within the Impact Point Matrix (IPM).  We have free trainings on the ecosystem behind your erections called the Impact Point Matrix that you can watch here.

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